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WikiNames are traditionally written using InterCapping, so that making hyperlinks would be really easy.

However, in this WikiWiki the links are written only using the [link] notation, as the original InterCapping style of linking is, IMHO, slightly confusing. The names still conform to the WikiWiki standard, if you look at the URL at the top.

Names are crushed, i.e. [This is a link] becomes [ThisIsALink]. However, dots and underscores are retained, so links such as [this_is_a_link] becomes [This_is_a_link]. All non-alphanumeric characters except for '_' and '.' are removed (that is, all characters that are not letters or numbers), so that [John's page] becomes [JohnsPage]. This allows you type normal sentences which are then turned into links, like when talking about Wiki etiquette.

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