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Err... What? A WikiPage is simply a page on a Wiki. It has nothing to do with user authentication. --JanneJalkanen

Yes, need to be careful with terminology here. This belongs to something like WikiPageAuthenticator. This is an offshoot of the JSPWiki Authentication discussion, were I mentioned the possibility of having an Authenticator object that reads a custom WikiPage for user info. (I'm not totally convinced yet that it's a good idea, actually.) In any case, I'd suggest that the table structure is unnecessary. KISS. --ebu

This is an example of how a user page can look like:

NameBefore @After @

The information can then be picked up by a method, that takes the table headings and uses them as the keys to a mapping:

/**Reads in table number=tableNumber on page=wikiPage.*/
public Collection readInTable(String wikiPage, int tableNumber){

  1. Read in the names of the headings: ("Name", "Before @", "After @")
  2. For each row in the table make a map with a key for each of the heading names.
  3. Add the value of the coloumn in the row to the map.
  4. Add the map to a collection.
  5. return the collection of Maps.

One map would look like this:

Key:NameBefore @After @

The method could be used for all types of applications (EmailGenerator etc.), and it would be independend of how the coloumns were arranged.

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