Here's an idea:  Let's define an [XML-RPC] or [SOAP] interface to Wiki.  I don't exactly know what we could do with it, but at least we could do things like:

* Automatical notification of page changes (someone would need to write a script that would check the [RecentChanges], then email anyone.
* Combining Wikis in a manner more efficient than [InterWiki].

This would save us from actually requiring to implement all sorts of features into JSPWiki itself, and allow people to make their own modular thingies.


I'm thinking of the following interfaces:

* __getRecentChanges( long timestamp )__: Get list of changed pages since ''timestamp''.
* __getPage( String pagename, int version )__: Get the raw Wiki text of page.
* __getPageText( String pagename, int version )__: Get page data rendered as plain text, with most of formatting removed (this should be really good for when you actually send wiki pages via email or something).
* __getPageHTML( String pagename, int version )__: Return page in rendered HTML.

I don't know whether writing would be such a good idea.  But with these you could get somewhere anyway.