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This is an XML-RPC interface for Wikis, so that you can do all sorts of interesting scripting and stuff. For example, it has been used to do things like:


Version 1 API is as follows:

  • array getRecentChanges( Date timestamp ): Get list of changed pages since timestamp, which should be in UTC. The result is an array, where each element is a struct:
    • name (string) : Name of the page. The name is UTF-8 with URL encoding to make it ASCII.
    • lastModified (date) : Date of last modification, in UTC.
    • author (string) : Name of the author (if available). Again, name is UTF-8 with URL encoding.
    • version (int) : Current version.
  • A page MAY be specified multiple times. A page MAY NOT be specified multiple times with the same modification date.
  • int getRPCVersionSupported(): Returns 1 with this version of the JSPWiki API.
  • base64 getPage( String pagename ): Get the raw Wiki text of page, latest version. Page name must be UTF-8, with URL encoding. Returned value is a binary object, with UTF-8 encoded page data.
  • base64 getPageVersion( String pagename, int version ): Get the raw Wiki text of page. Returns UTF-8, expects UTF-8 with URL encoding.
  • base64 getPageHTML( String pagename ): Return page in rendered HTML. Returns UTF-8, expects UTF-8 with URL encoding.
  • base64 getPageHTMLVersion( String pagename, int version ): Return page in rendered HTML, UTF-8.
  • array getAllPages(): Returns a list of all pages. The result is an array of strings, again UTF-8 in URL encoding.
  • struct getPageInfo( string pagename ) : returns a struct with elements
    • name (string): the canonical page name, URL-encoded UTF-8.
    • lastModified (date): Last modification date, UTC.
    • author (string): author name, URL-encoded UTF-8.
    • version (int): current version
  • struct getPageInfoVersion( string pagename, int version ) : returns a struct just like plain getPageInfo(), but this time for a specific version.
  • array listLinks( string pagename ): Lists all links for a given page. The returned array contains structs, with the following elements:
    • page (string) : The page name or URL the link is to.
    • type (string) : The link type. This is a string, with the following possible values:
      • "external" : The link is an external hyperlink
      • "local" : This is a local Wiki name for hyperlinking
    • href (string) : The HREF the link points to. Useful for finding this link within the HTML of this page.

As you can see, all data is returned in a base64 -type in UTF-8 encoding, regardless of what JSPWiki preference actually is. Also, all incoming or outcoming strings are really UTF-8, but they have been URL-encoded so that the XML-RPC requirement of ASCII is fulfilled.

The URL is (note the trailing slash). All methods are prepended with wiki. - for example, wiki.getAllPages()


All methods which handle a page in any way can return a Fault. Current fault codes are:

  • 1 : No such page was found.


You should make sure that XMLRPC is enabled in the deployment descriptor (WEB-INF/web.xml)
See comments there.

JSPWiki specific notes#

We also offer a non-spec compliant service at URL:

The XML-RPC service here is otherwise exactly the same as the one detailed above, except that all strings are considered to be UTF-8, and all methods that use base64, use strings. So, if you don't want to do any Base64-conversions for strings, just use the UTF-8 API.

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Other implementations#

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