Under coffebreak development by JohnV, this is intended to enable synchronizing pages between different wiki instances.  Currently the development is following the lines of:

* SynchronizingPageProvider, SynchronizingAttachmentProvider -- Use either or both depending on what you want to syncronize.
** Synchronizer - Coordinates the synchonization work, delegates to:
*** OutboundStrategy - Interface to generates and sends synchronization packets
**** EmailOutboundStrategy - Default implementation over email. Syncroniation packets are encrypted file attachments.
*** InboundStrategy - Interface to recieve and consume synchroniation packets
**** EmailInboundStrategy - Default implemenation over email.
**** XmlRpcInboundStrategy - Alternate implemenation, can pull pages from foriegn wiki using XmlRpc.
*** ConflictResolutionStrategy - Interface to a custom means to merge conflicts.
**** AutoMergeStrategy - Try a 3 way merge of wiki-text
**** ConflictingEditPageStrategy - Simply repalce the conflict page with both edits in PRE blocks, much like EditConflict.jsp looks.

Anyway it hooks in as a provider, and the exact means of doing the synchonization is pluggable via 3 key interfaces.  This should allow for anything one might want.