Variable evaluation order

The variables are evaluated in the following order:

  1. 'Preset' variables (or constants), as those listed on this page.
  2. 'Context' variables, as those set by plugins and tags.
  3. 'Property' variables, like those set in
  4. 'Page' variables, like those set using the "SET" directive.

Defining Custom Variables#

Starting with JSPWiki 2.2, you can use the "SET" directive to define a variable that exists only in the page.
For example:
  [{SET foo='bar'}]

creates you a variable called "foo", which has the value of "bar". You can access this value anywhere on your page by using the shorthand "[{$foo}]".

Pre-defined Variables#

JSPWiki also defines all kinds of other variables, and tags and plugins can also add their own variables. For example, see the Counter plugin. The following variables are pre-defined by JSPWiki:


This is the name of this Wiki. It has been set by the administrator in "". This Wiki is called JSPWiki.


The base URL address for this wiki.


Describes the character encoding used in this Wiki. An encoding of "UTF-8" means that the Wiki accepts any character, including Chinese, Japanese, etc. Encoding "ISO-8859-1" means that only western languages are supported. This wiki uses the UTF-8 encoding.


Lets you know which image types are being inlined.

Writes HTML code for supported InterWiki links.


Inserts the version number of the JSPWiki engine. For example, this version is 2.8.4-svn-9.


Shows how the current user has logged in. For example, you are anonymous.


Inserts the amount of time since this Wiki has been last restarted. This wiki has been up for 114d, 0h 50m 15s.


Inserts the current page name. Example: This page is called WikiVariables.


The current PageProvider.


A verbose, HTML description about the currently used page provider.


The current RequestContext. For example, this is the view context.


The total number of pages available in this Wiki.


Inserts the current user name: For example, you are now logged in as

Inserting JSPWiki properties#

You can also access some of the JSPWiki properties (that have been defined by the site maintainer) by using their property names directly. See SystemInfo for an example. Note that some properties might not be accessible due to security reasons.

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