__Variable evaluation order__

The variables are evaluated in the following order:
# 'Preset' variables (or constants), as those listed on this page.
# 'Context' variables, as those set by plugins and tags.
# 'Property' variables, like those set in jspwiki.properties.
# 'Page' variables, like those set using the "SET" directive.
%% \\

!!!Defining Custom Variables
Starting with JSPWiki 2.2, you can use the "SET" directive to define a variable that exists only in the page.
For example:
  [{SET foo='bar'}]

creates you a variable called "foo", which has the value of "bar".  You can access this value anywhere on your page by using the shorthand "[[{$foo}]".

!!!Pre-defined Variables
JSPWiki also defines all kinds of other variables, and tags and plugins can also add their own variables.  For example, see the [Counter] plugin.  The following variables are pre-defined by JSPWiki:


This is the name of this Wiki.  It has been set by the administrator in "jspwiki.properties". This Wiki is called ''[{$applicationname}]''.


The base URL address for this wiki.


Describes the character encoding used in this Wiki. An encoding of "UTF-8" means that the Wiki accepts any character, including Chinese, Japanese, etc.  Encoding "ISO-8859-1" means that only western languages are supported.  This wiki uses the ''[{$encoding}]'' encoding.


Lets you know which image types are being inlined.


Writes HTML code for supported InterWiki links.


Inserts the version number of the JSPWiki engine.  For example, this version is ''[{$jspwikiversion}]''.


Shows how the current user has logged in.  For example, you are ''[{$loginstatus}]''.


Inserts the amount of time since this Wiki has been last restarted.  This wiki has been up for ''[{$uptime}]''.


Inserts the current page name.  Example: This page is called ''[{$pagename}]''.


The current PageProvider.


A verbose, HTML description about the currently used page provider.


The current RequestContext.  For example, this is the ''[{$requestcontext}]'' context.


The total number of pages available in this Wiki.


Inserts the current user name: For example, you are now logged in as ''[{$username}]''.

!Inserting JSPWiki properties

You can also access some of the JSPWiki properties (that have been defined by the site maintainer) by using their property names directly.  See [SystemInfo] for an example.
Note that some properties might not be accessible due to security reasons.


[RefactorMe], some variables are missing and need a bit more documentation.


Needs more info on how to set global variables in jspwiki.properties. I cannot find how anywhere..