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This is ├╝bercool!

Is there some reason why you are not storing the SVG file as an attachment to the page? That way you could dispense with the SVG upload servlet?


May I suggest some sort of client detection, and optional embedding types? The object embed you have used works with the Adobe SVG plugin, but if I'm not mistaken, modern Mozillas compiled with SVG support should understand something like:

<svg xmlns="">
  <image xlink:href="" />

(Correct me if I'm wrong with the image tag, here. The fact is I didn't get it to work while playing around with Mozilla 1.5alpha+svg. =)


Same for me, couldnt get the plugin to work with Mozilla Firebird 0.7 (in fact, the adobe plugin seems not to work)

The adobe svg plugin works on mozilla except for embedded objects which may cause a crash, due some api changes. (see bugzilla) a workaround to this problem is to use iframes instead of object or embed tags.


Hi, this is a real nice tool. see att( I could not resist, forgive me)


I could not get this to work in Mozilla Firefox 1.5, only in IE.

Is there any chance you could add functionality to this plugin that would allow you to specify a color or image to show on the background? It would be really cool to be able to put up a map image in the background and have people able to draw on it.

--Evan, 14-Jul-2006

Does not work in Firefox 1.5.0.x - does work in IE6 with Adobe plugin. Our company is swiching to Firefox so it would cool to have this updated to work with Firefox's native SVG rendering engine - adding the Adobe plugin is a real kludge that 99% of users will simply not bother with...

--Thanks, DerekH, 20-Jul-2006

Where is this plugin gone? The websites seems offline. Can I download it elsewhere?

--RvW, 03-Feb-2007

Luckily I've kept the file, so I attached it.

see WikiWhiteboard_for_JSPWiki.htm(info),

--Jacky Liu, 03-Feb-2007

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