WikiWizard is an editor for JSPWiki currently under development at the i3G Institute of the Hochschule Heilbronn. It is implemented as a Java Applet and requires the JavaPlugin 1.4+.

For download and installation, see WikiWizardDownload.


Here is a short Flash video demonstrating how WikiWizard works.#

Start Screencast (Screencast contains preview of functionality of multiple file uploads in Version 1.1, not working yet in 1.0)

Preview (Try it out)#

use the WikiWizard Sandbox to see the editor in action


  • Markup highlighting
  • Intuitive menus and toolbar for inserting all WikiMarkup.
  • Shortcuts for all essential functions
  • Attachment manager sidebar with image preview
  • Wiki table editor with sort function (now "stay on top" and non-modal req Java 1.5)
  • Wizard dialogs for email, links, images
  • Autotext with shortcuts for frequently used code (Date/Time, Username, Link insertion etc.)
  • Extention menu providing access to different code templates for Plugins, CSS, InterWikiLinks etc.. (Extensible by server side XML file).
  • Browser independent search, search/replace, undo/redo and Gotoline (also relative)
  • Ability to do formatted paste from Word and Excel. (in Java 1.5+)
  • Multiple file uploads
  • "Mark Occurences" functionality similar to eclipse
  • Uses Internationalization API - current available languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German


here are some screenshots to give you an impression what WikiWizard is about.

Highlighting and Attachments Sidebar#

WikiMarkup is highlighted, plugin and table code is additionally highlighted by different background colors. Sidebar shows available attachments on current page. Doubleclick on an attachment icon to insert ImagePlugin or link to file.
Highlighting and Attachments Sidebar

Table Editor and Extensions Sidebar#

Double click somewhere within a wiki table code and the table editor opens. You can sort columns and switch their position. Add and delete rows by context menu. Sidebar on screenshot shows extensions available. Doubleclick on icon to insert code into text. Screenshot shows "Core Plugins" tab opened.
Table Editor and Extensions Sidebar

Table Of Contents Sidebar#

Table of Contents Sidebar eases navigation on large documents. Its updated at runtime (while you are writing)
Table of Contents Sidebar

Wizard Dialogs#

Double click somewhere within and link/email or image code and an corresponding dialog will open showing you parameters you can use.
Wizard Dialog Image with preview and parameters


WikiWizard is available in Chinese, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French and German.


moved to WikiWizardDiscussion

Link goes to a dead page

--Kati, 17-May-2010 21:11

Yup, the project is dead.

-- JanneJalkanen

Link to the sandbox gets a 404. Does project dead mean the wikiwig project is no more? It just had a release in 8/2010.

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