!!! Introduction
WikiWizard 2.0 is a "What You See is What You Mean" editor for JSPWiki. This page describes how to integrate it into the latest stable version of JSPWiki.


!!! Screenshot

!!! Version
The uploaded version was tested with JSPWiki 2.8.

!!! Deployment Instruction
#First you should have JSPWiki 2.7.x or 2.8.x installed. 
#Download the [WikiWizard2.zip] extract the zip file into your $JSPWiki_Home/ directory. 
#That's it! Start JSPWiki and you should see __WiWiScript__ as an option on the 'Editor' dropdown list in the __My Prefs__ menu. 
The configuration for the extensions toolbar is loaded from the wiki page __StandardExtensions__.
A example configuration can be found in the WikiWizard 2.0 package.

!!! Improvement
The editor is not in a release version. Please post your comments, and it will be improved if there is enough interest.