This is the release of WikiWizard (version 1.1.1) under the LGPL license.

Installation instructions#

for 2.3 (since 2.3.90-CVS)

1. Unzip in your JSPWiki webapps root directory (typically ${TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps/JSPWiki).

2. Add the following line to your file:


3. Be sure that jspwiki.baseURL is set in your or the applet will show undesired results for uploading and viewing attached files.

4. If you don't use the default template, you have to copy the templates/default/editors/WikiWizard.jsp into your template/yourtemplate/editors directory.

Source code#

If you wish to view the source code, please download

Also see: WikiWizardBugReports

I've translated the language file to Chinese Simplified, but you might download the source code and build using the ant script included in source dist to make a signed Applet jar to work.

Put this file to source\org\wikiwizard\resources\, then recompile the source code and build jar. See this screenshot: zh_screen.gif(info)

--Jacky Liu, 08-Nov-2006

Traditional Chinese language file(info) and highlighting-jspwiki.xml(info) to fix Chinese Font rendering problem.

--HongJieDai, 29-Nov-2006

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