• Spell checker using the OpenOffice dictionaries
  • Footnote manager
  • Further performance improvements, speed up loading of applet.
  • Attachment manager currently only displays Attachments of current page -> select other pages too
  • Autocompletion when writing Links (Like in Eclipse -> AutoCompletion of Classes, Autocompletion of Links)
  • Accessing Address Repositiories (LDAP, Databases, Outlook integration) for email insertion.
  • Preferences/Last Editor State on exit, loaded on startup (Saved as Cookies?)
  • Image Resizing
  • Batch Image Uploading
  • Make it work even if the user rejects the signed applet.
  • Plugin Property Editor. If the pointer is inside a plugin call, parse the plugin parameters and present them to the user in a "properties sheet" format (a name-value-pair table, where the value column is editable). This would be very helpful with plugins that can take a lot of parameters. Maybe later plugins could declare their expected list of parameters (in their manifest files? There is already a plugin specific file, I believe) with their basic types and the editor could dynamically create a dialog box with validation for them.

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