!Wiki configuration

The least painful approach to defining the location of your Wiki files is to have them located at the same drive as your Tomcat (or other web server) installation, and define the location in Unix format. For example, files in C:\JSPWiki\files are defined in the configuration file as /JSPWiki/files.

Make also sure to change the setting for {{log4j.appender.~FileLog.File}} in {{jspwiki.properties}} if you want a log-file to be created. This setting is hidden quite well near the end of the config-file. The format is the same as the {{jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir}}-setting, i.e. backslashes must be duplicated.

!Version control

If you need RCS-based version control for your JSPWiki installation on a Windows machine, download the implementation from [http://www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/trinkle/RCS/]. You only need the executables in the win32 directory of the rcs57pc1.zip.

The RCS executables will not work unless you set:
* PATH environment variable to point to the location of the executables
* TZ environment variable to a value suitable for your locale (this value must
  be set; I have failed to get it working properly, though)
* You also may need to set the LOGNAME environment variable; see [JSPWikiOnWindows] for more details.

!Version control alternative

You might also want to try out the [VersioningFileProvider], which provides versioning without RCS.  It has not been tested as extensively as [RCSFileProvider], but it's quite a lot easier to set up.

Some potential issues:
* JAVA_HOME must point to the sdk, not the jre.
* in the properties file make sure you path names use double back slashes in
* in the properties file make sure your URL contains the port number. For example, enter something like http://localhost:8080.