After the install I see  "Ho hum, it seems that the EditPageHelp?  page is missing. Someone must've done something to the installation..." and the System
page has not content. "Help on editing" does not exist.
Are these pages supposed to exist or is something wrong with
my configuration?

''I would guess you forgot to extract the sample pages (contained in the zip file {{}} if you're using the binary release, or the contents of the directory {{src/wikipages}} from the source-release) to your page directory. It might also be a good idea to check these pages if you are upgrading from an earlier version to at least get any new default page.\\If this does not help check your page directory in {{}}. -- [Torsten|TorstenH]''

Thanx for the pointer, but is there anything more detailed?
I just used the war file. I don't see any sample pages, i don't
see a separate zip download, nor can i find a reference to this 
step in the install instructions. Actually, i have a big
WhatDoIdoNow feeling after the install.

''The file {{}} is in the JSPWiki zip-file where also the war-file and the Readme file can be found. This Readme also describes the installation process and you should read it if you did not already.

As a quick overview of the necessary steps:
# choose/create a directory where Wiki pages and attachments are stores; extract the contents of {{}} to that directory
# deploy the war-file; how to do that depends on the ServletContainer you're using and should be described in detail in its manual. In order to complete the next step the file will need to be extracted into the deploy directory
# you have to edit {{}}, settings you will have to change are:
## {{jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir}} and {{jspwiki.basicAttachmentProvider.storageDir}} have to point to the directory you chose in step 1
## change the value of {{log4j.appender.FileLog.File}} (near the end of the file) to a directory and file name where you want the log file to be created; the default /tmp/jspwiki.log is only valid on Unix systems
## you will probably want to set {{jspwiki.pageProvider}} to {{VersioningFileProvider}} though this step is not required
# (re-)start your ServletContainer

Let us know if you still have problems to get it working.

-- [Torsten|TorstenH]''

I had just downloaded the war file. Using the zip file would have
revealed all the secrets. Got it working now, thanx. I am using
resin instead of tomcat and the performance is great. Personally
i wouldn't recommend tomcat as it makes jspwiki feel sluggish
and may turn people off.

;:''I'm using Tomcat 4.1.18 on Windows 2000 and it isn't sluggish at all -- at least not for what I'm doing on it.  However, it is a relatively beefy box with a 1.2 GHz P-III with 1 GB RAM, so take that into consideration, but JSPWiki runs pretty darned fast on it.  I wouldn't rule out Tomcat if it does the job you need it to do given your hardware configuration.  --MichaelGentry''

I'm having trouble setting the pageDir and storageDir properties. The instructions say to use the same directory where Tomcat is running, but Tomcat is installed under Program Files, and the properties file doesn't seem to like paths with spaces in them. Is there a way to escape the spaces, or is it better to create a new directory with no spaces in the path name?