Several years ago, I came into contact with the "writable web", through and (later) the WikiWikiWeb:. My team and I (OK, mostly me) are currently using JSPWiki for a small intranetsite, where we try and track our development progress, standards, etc.

Want to know more about me? Have a look at

Just because some of you weren't sure it was possible: yes, we have got JSPWiki 2.0.52 to run under IBM Websphere 5 (that's what job time is good for). It was not too difficult, once we got to know Websphere ;-)...

Late addition (August 2004), for those who were still doubting it: yes, JSPWiki runs on AIX 5.2 with Tomcat too.

2006-01-03: We have JSPWiki 2.2.33 running on AIX 5.2 (Tomcat 5) in production mode for several Wikis. Intranet only, so I can't show the sites ;-(.

2008-11-25: Currently experimenting with JSPWiki 2.8 on both Weblogic (??) and Websphere (6.1), and having trouble with the cookie handling: we're losing our login after each GET/POST...

2010-09-15: JSPWiki 2.8.4 is up and running on AIX ?? and IBM WebSphere 6.1. Authentication is done through Windows Active Directory.

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