XML-RPC is a way to do Remote Procedure Calls using [XML] standard.  So this is much like [RMI], except that it's totally language/architecture independent.

[SOAP] is a revised version of XML-RPC.  Some say it's evolved, some say that [SOAP] is needlessly complicated.

See also: TranscludePlugin (include remote wiki pages via XML-RPC)


* XML-RPC home page at [http://www.xmlrpc.org]
* Apache [XML] toolkit for [Java] at [http://xml.apache.org/xmlrpc/]
* kXML-RPC is J2ME implementation of XML-RPC protocol at [http://kxmlrpc.enhydra.org] (you also might want to see [kXML|http://kxml.enhydra.org], their [XML] parser for J2ME)