Xiaan is short for my real name, Christiaan van Woudenberg. I'm a Web developer at my day job and getting a PhD in Mathematics (Computational Biology) in my spare time. As it pertains to JSPWiki, I'm most interested in applying the Wiki model to knowledge documentation, especially for scientific research. To that end, I'll be working on the following:

  • CSS-based table-less templates for JSPWiki. This effort is currently in beta, contact me at christiaan_at_xiaan.com if you are interested. I really need help with cross-platform testing and others who are willing to design alternate style sheets so we have a good repository of skins.
  • LaTeX parser for Wiki markup. Given a Wiki page that has Wiki markup for pages to be included with headings, generate a LaTex include file with the contents of those pages (recursively?). For example: !SectionOnePage !!SectionOneSubsection !SectionTwoPage This would scrape the Wiki page called SectionOnePage and insert its page name with \section{SectionOnePage} and the subsection as a LaTeX \subsection call. I'm not looking for stellar LaTex support, just getting the information from the Wiki into another format for peer review.

Just wanted to inform you that a LaTeX plugin is what I currently work on. A beta is probably ready to be published in near future.

--Steffen Schramm, 20-Apr-2006

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