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Asmunder's meme is making the rounds in the Finnish blogosphere now, so let's try and bring it to English bloggers as well. This is my "blogging space", the place where I write my blog entries, thinking deep and disturbed thoughts.

Why don't you post yours?

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Update: The most cognitionally astute of you have already probably noticed that I've switched to using Bloglines as my RSS reader. Yeah, it's that good. I read my blogs from my home laptop, home desktop, work laptop, and work desktop, and Bloglines is the first one that works seamlessly across these systems. It has a pretty slick interface for a web app, which has been the main reason why I've so far stayed away from browser-based aggregators. It also allows you to publish your blog roll very easily - you can see my 66 subscriptions here, if you are of the voyeuristic type.


Ketä kiinnostaa nää muoti-ilmiöt ? Heti, kun joku menee kuvailemaan bloggausympäristöään niin muut juoksevat perässä. Ilmeisesti mielikuvitus on rajusti yli-arvostettua, kun joka blogilla toistuu samat jutut.

--Mika, 03-Mar-2004

Cool, another IKEA fan. I have two areas, one is downstairs with the family, the other is in a room with floor to ceiling Ivar shelving. The servers and my workstation sit on on one of their 'computer desk' things that they discontinued making, so I can't build another one :-(

Almost as many books as you show, some shelves are stacked two deep. 80% computer, 10% other reference, 10% fiction.

--Foster, 03-Mar-2004

Um. Scary that you should recognize - they really ARE Ivar shelves :). And I did deliberately crop out the rest of the book shelf, including my Whisky collection...

Mika: that is a good question. I have no explanation. It may be a certain feeling of "belonging" - affirmation of being a part of a certain circle. You know, like when someone tells an army joke, everybody is compelled to tell their own story. Or, if someone watches a good TV show, sooner or later many of his friends will be watching the same TV show.

I am not a sociologist (but I play one on TV), but I believe there are far more knowledgeable people reading this blog, who can explain exactly why do memes travel so rapidly.

And the fact is, originality is really about stealing stuff and presenting it in a modified form. You cannot seriously expect everyone to invent new stuff in every single post.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Mar-2004

The central question is, of course, how "real" the environment. Is it actually that clean and is the elegant go board there by accident of by design.

Nerd point for HHGTTG (too bad Mostly harmless did not come in that edition), Don't Panic, Babylon 5 and Shadowrun books and Potter 4 -- not that you need any. Gaijin points for Motorcycle maintenance, Shogun, and the go board.

Come to think of it, I'd say that photos of bloggers' bookshelves would be far more interesting.

--J-Ko, 03-Mar-2004

Yes, it actually is that clean at the moment (you can see a bunch of stains from on the table, if you look carefully). I just moved some books off it to provide less visual distraction. I actually do keep the go board on that table, but I keep it covered if I am not going through a game. I just put a few stones on it (points for recognizing the era and/or style) to "simulate" a real environment. The fan is an accident, I didn't realize it was in the picture.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Mar-2004

That kosumi in the lower left makes it rather obvious, don't you think? ;)

--MichaelGoetze, 03-Mar-2004

Yeah, well, one of the books I moved off the table was "Invincible" :-).

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Mar-2004

"Ketä kiinnostaa nää muoti-ilmiöt ... --Mika, 03-Mar-2004"

Mika taisi olla se epäreilu ilkimys, joka jätti pienenä lääkärileikeissä näyttämättä omansa, vaikka Liisa jo vilautti.

--m, 04-Mar-2004

Looking over your geek links, I am surprised that you don't have

Check out the robot moblog

--, 10-Mar-2004

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