Hi ho!

I am Janne Jalkanen, and this is my web log, proudly started on the first day of 2003.

It is a curious experiment, an attempt to see how well the current JSPWiki WikiEngine can be used to publish a WebLog; but it is also a channel for me to rant about stuff, and to avoid flooding my friends' email boxes, ears, or other appendages. Even though this is a WikiWiki, I have decided to disallow full editing for various reasons, mostly because the JSPWiki:WebLogPlugin is not really ripe yet for wide-spread use.

The appearance of this WebLog is a bit awkward, I know. Like name, like weblog. I'll probably change this around at some point, if I think it's a good idea, or am bored, or something. It's always good to have something to tinker with.

This site is mildly heavy on CSS, so if you're using a browser that simply cannot cope with them (like Netscape 4), then expect the pages look even uglier than they were meant to be. I am sorry to say, but NS4 simply does not cut it anymore: consider changing to Mozilla Firefox, for example.

Most other browsers are okay, and I am willing to go to some length in supporting even the most obscure ones, but Netscape 4 rendering bugs are sometimes simply out of this world. You deserve better than NS4. Believe me.


BTW, you may have noticed some interesting entries along the way. I am also running a mobile weblog, or a MoBlog, with PhotoBlog functionality. I have some scripts I use to post stuff directly from my camera phone, either pure text or text with imagery. When I get them polished, I'll probably publish them somewhere.

Supporting projects

This website now features a blank page according to the recommendations of the TPILB-Project.

Stuff I probably want to do at some point:

  • Categories
  • Multi-weblog aggregation


  • For some strange reason, IE 6.0 seems to ignore the <i> directive. None of the stuff that should be in italic on the Main page is...

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