Flied lice

What does the intelligent person do when suffering from a cold? He, of course, goes to cooking class. Luckily the chef had also the cold, so I guess our viruses got all evened out.

For those who are looking for the deep thoughts and radiant flashes of imagination instead of my "barber^Wcooking blog", sod off. The rest, consider this:

I am currently being quite intrigued by this opportunity to write a photojournal. I've usually hated taking pictures, and even when I bought a digital camera, I still don't lug it around as much as I probably should. I don't document anniversaries or weddings, but I do photograph scenery and some personal events, though I am not really a photographer.

Now, the availability of a cheap digital camera that is continuously with me all the time, and an easy way to blog it all makes suddenly the threshold of blogging far, far less than what it used to be. Consider normal blogs: 90% of them are crap, as suggested by Sturgeon's Law. Which is fine and as it should be - I couldn't be bothered to read most weblogs and most people really don't want to read mine. But still, they have created some enormous successes, and brought a whole new kind of authorship in existence.

I think photoblogging is going to go the same way: 90% of them are going to be incredible crap. But really, some of them will become something new and grand, and enable new kinds of journalism, or community creation, or hate groups, or ways of voicing out your political views, or something else totally. Hard to say. We just need to find those individuals or groups who have the urge to do something cool and creative and give them the tools.

It's bloody addictive, anyway.


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