OK, the promised cool stuff

One of the problems on the Internet and especially bloggers is that search engines cannot determine whether you are linking to a site to endorse it, or to denounce it. Whether you hate or love a page, Google will get the hyperlink and increase its rating in its own list, and you will help a page to gain popularity.

Since there is no standard way to mark a hyperlink for endorsement or denouncement that the search engines would understand, I have added a new plugin for JSPWiki: Denounce. It allows you to link to a page, but if a search engine indexes your page, the link is removed and it will just see a bit of text explaining the reason. Thus, it cannot index nor increase the link value, but your target audience can follow the link.

For example, I do not like mobileasses.com, so the search engines will never see it. But you, my dear reader, can see it and go there.

Let me know what you think.


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