The life of the Open Source developer is not always horrible

You know, getting an email like this always makes you feel a bit better about life and stuff:

  Dear Janne Jalkanen,

  thanks for building this JSP-Wiki.
  It really changed my life!

  Greast Job!!!

  Keep on and kind regards from Germany

Mails like these come rarely, but when they do, they really do light up your day :-).

BTW, I am changing the JSPWiki license to the Lesser GPL, so that people can more easily embed JSPWiki code into their own things. It's a sort of a compromise between the forced sharing of GPL, and the free-for-all attitude of the Apache License - I want JSPWiki to be useful to people, but I also do feel that the Free Software Foundation does have the right idea. Yes, this is very wishy-washy :-).


Changing it would make the world of difference to me. Thank you. Now, how about adding a "Contribute" button on the JSPWiki page? That way I can pay you back if I manage to become profitable one day...

--Jon, 13-Nov-2004

The license has been changed already, it's LGPL :-)

I'm thinking about having a Contribute button, but I haven't really figured out why - I don't actually need more money than I currently get. Perhaps I should do it anyway.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Nov-2004

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