Small wonderings

How come...

  • I can't seem to be able to type my password correctly these days?
  • I am still at work at 19:30?
  • Playing badminton for the first time in nearly three years made my thighs hurt, but not my ass?
  • When someone wants to loan a DVD from you "in a couple of days", they never come to get the DVD, until the very next day after you've loaned it to someone else?
  • I can read legalese these days as well as I read comic books or technical manuals?
  • Some people still insist that any version of Netscape still has the same bugs as Netscape 4?
  • My email folders keep growing, and growing, and growing?
  • I can send 200 emails per hour, but it takes me weeks to get a simple item mailed through the post office?
  • Some people are so incredibly transparent, but they never realize it?
  • Some people simply cannot be understood, no matter how hard you try?

These questions, and more, will not be resolved in the next week's edition of ButtUgly!


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