A different kind of May day

First of May is always a big celebration in Finland, especially among students. Traditions go rampant, all who are able to get out to party (except for the most hardened cynics), alcohol is consumed in alarmingly large quantities, and the entire city of Helsinki becomes one giant outdoor toilet. It is the celebration of life and the end of winter.

This morning, 50,000 people gather in the Helsinki Kaivopuisto park to eat breakfast, drink champagne, and enjoy the sun.


I'm watching Teletubbies with my niece. And chatting with one-syllable words.

And can't really say that it's a bad thing either.


"And chatting with one-syllable words" So you are hung over like the other 50,000 people are :-)

Anyway Happy May! Summer has started here too, the Quo Vadimus hit the water, we are boaters again!

--Foster, 01-May-2004

Kaisaniemi Park? I'd rather go to Kaivopuisto ;)

--Kat, 01-May-2004

Ah, I forget it so quickly... Men jag har för många vänner bland dom bättretalande svenskafolk, so ich tend to mennä confused sometimes.

Good goin' Foster! I personally like boating a lot; it's just that I don't get to do it very often.

--JanneJalkanen, 02-May-2004

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