I'm in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the MRC 2005 conference. The Scots make the best chips in the world, I am now convinced. I also reaffirmed my belief that I really do like haggis. And whisky. Of course. Mmm...

I also bought the new Harry Potter (link is safe from spoilers, contains flash animation) from the airport. Not, because I thought I have the time to read it, but because some bloggers I know are discussing blatant spoilers about the content of the book - with little or no spoiler warning. So I had to buy the book and join the herds, because I prefer that the plot and the content of the book is told by the author, not all the random people I meet... I'm funny that way.

(I also saw Rupert Grint on the street in Edinburgh's Old Town. Which was sort of strangely fittingly out-of-place.)


I miss you :/

--Outi, 01-Aug-2005

Me too. You would like it here :-/

--JanneJalkanen, 01-Aug-2005

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