Five non-Finnish blogs

Ewan tagged me, and said so nice things about me that I just can't ignore that. So from the depths of London, here are my five blogs that I read (and tap them in turn to participate in this meme). About half of my blogs are non-Finnish, but I think it would be unfair to list blogs like Boing Boing, even though they are abroad. So I'm limiting this to more personal blogs.

  1. Jan Chipchase's Future Perfect. I actually met Jan on the Stockholm airport passport queue coming in yesterday. This man is from all over the place.
  2. Chaotic Intransient Prose Bursts "A maverick, freelance cognitive science researcher/rogue hacker/programmer/aristocratic poet visits previously colonial countries trying to repent for his nation's past crimes." Adriaan is Dutch living in Tokyo.
  3. ThreeDimensionalPeople Musings on Business 2.0. Stephen lives in the UK.
  4. Touch. Bringing tangibility back into our lives. Timo lives in Oslo, Norway.
  5. Dragon/kolibri. Old friends from ten timezones away.


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