Russell, the Mover. Russell, the Shaker.

Russell Beattie is being haunted by one of his old rants. He has some very good points about weblogs and the problems they're facing as they "grow up", so to say:

I wonder if weblogs are at this weird turning point that television was in the 50s when people took everything that was said on television as fact? Seriously - before just recently, to have a popular web site that was highly ranked on Google, you needed to be a major news corporation or some hot-shot funded dot-com startup. But now any shmoe like me can rant and it has this big effect. Look. Imagine this: I'm this guy. Greying and getting fat. Sitting in a small one bedroom apartment in not-particularly-special corner of Madrid. Typing on my 3 year old laptop. In my shorts. I work in a non-particularly-special job doing not-particuarly-special work. There is nothing about my words that should carry any real weight... are you getting the picture?

But Russell - the problem is, you are saying something special. And you say it well. If you weren't, people weren't linking to you... And really, we are all just shmoes - even the tiniest difference will lift you above the crowd. Accept it, you are on your way to being a real influencer of the mobile world.

Good luck :-).


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