Talk tour...

I'll be talking in the Intland Expertenforum on wikis and social software in enterprise use:

Düsseldorf: 14.5
München: 15.5
Hamburg: 16.5

The seminars are free, and arranged in co-operation of Sun Microsystems. Feel free to drop by, if you want to hear me rambling incoherently on things I claim some vague knowledge on... Be warned that parts of the seminars are likely to be in German. Not my part, though - I'm not trusting my rusty German that much.


Hey, I was already planning to be visiting my girlfriend near Düsseldorf on the day of your talk, so I look forward to seeing you again! Could we perhaps play some Go in the afternoon or do you have to be on your way to Munich already? I hope Judith will come with me to the seminar... :)

--ChuckSmith, 03-May-2007

I have no idea of my schedules - but I would assume there's a spot somewhere!

--JanneJalkanen, 03-May-2007

Why won't you be going to their seminar on June 12 in Stuttgart?

--ChuckSmith, 03-May-2007

'cos I'm elsewhere... Besides, that would require traveling over weekend. Mostly because I wasn't asked, though :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 03-May-2007

oh cool - i've been invited to give some conference talks about similar issues. seems as if everybody wants a piece of nokia's social media revolution... :) anyway, let's compare notes!

--Stephen, 04-May-2007

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