The downside of being connected

It has been a very odd day today... I have been receiving almost no mail (not even spam), to the point that I had to send myself a test message to see if my mail is still working. All my JSPWiki sites are calm (I'm not even getting the crawler-induced error mails), IRC is quiet, nobody has called me, nobody has sent me even a text message...

Suddenly, I feel terribly alone. It's as if a part of my world has disappeared into a deep void, and I see only darkness. Literally - when I glance out of the office window now, at 4pm, I see only impenetrable darkness, dotted with random lights of the traffic. Which probably contributes to this weird state.

It feels as if a big fish had suddenly just snapped the hook from my rod, and the line is hanging limp in the water.

Connectedness does not mean much if the information flow is missing. :-)


I'm here! I can see you!

Hello! How are you? Merry Christmas!

You feel alive now? ;)

--Milla, 02-Dec-2003

Thanks :-). And Merry Christmas!

--JanneJalkanen, 02-Dec-2003

Hello from the other side of the Channel as well!

--J-Ko, 02-Dec-2003

Merci bien :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Dec-2003

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