Trek's end?

Finally saw Star Trek - Nemesis yesterday.

What a depressingly bad movie. Don't get me wrong - I am a huge fan of Trek, mostly Next Generation and Deep Space 9, and some of the movies, but the new Trek is simply bad.

There are so many places to complain about (mediocre special effects for one), but I guess that the biggest gripe about the whole movie is the fact that it underestimates the viewers so badly. In many places it just seemed like "well, we need to put a stupid fight here because the audience expects it" or something, but they were entirely irrelevant to the plot. Come on, most of the people who grew up with the Next Generation are now in their thirties - HEL-LO! We need a bit more than cool guns, big spaceships and a naked Deanna Troi (who seems to have aged not-so-gracefully) to be interested in a movie. Seriously. We grew up, why didn't the producers?

This movie finally breaks the even-odd -cycle of ST movies: Traditionally, all of the even ones were okay, and the odd ones were bad. This is number ten, and it is, frankly, hard to think of anything positive about it (aside from the strong performances of Patrick Stewart and Tom Hardy).

I didn't expect much, but... I didn't, frankly, get much either.


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