In Tokyo

How can you NOT like a country where even toilet seats come with remote controls?

Anyhow... This is my first trip in Tokyo where I'm staying in a hotel. Always before have I done the backpacking thing, staying in friends' homes or renting an apartment. But... The amount of politeness that the Japanese are pouring over you when you stay in a hotel is overwhelming. TWO beautiful girls escorted me to my room, and even the desk clerk was bowing over backwards at the inconvinience I had to endure when there were no non-smoking rooms available. It was funny, though, to hear a Japanese person say "impossible". I would've expected "difficult" (which usually means the same thing), but telling someone outright that something cannot be done? Amazing.

Oh well. A shower, shave and Pocari Sweat make me a man again. Woohoo! Tokyo! :-D

(Interesting tidbits learned from fast-food friends in the airplane: Apparently, in Malmö (Southern Sweden), 67% of women giving birth come from the Arabic countries. The implications are left to the reader as an exercise; I'm going out :)


Nyt mie vast kateelline oonki! No mutt, siell ois taas sellane melkei kolmekymppine japanilaisen näköne miespuoline tuttu jota voisit moikata. Sekää ei osaa suomee, mut voit kokeil ilmiselvän japanin lisäks englantii, espanjaa, koreaa ja sit jotai muut eksoottist aasialaist kielt jota mie en juuri muista. Kiva kun sie viittit sieltkii blogata, melkei ku ois itekkii Japanis. (kieli harjotteluu pääsiäisen kotiseutumatkailuu varte, kyll on kadoksis)

--EG, 03-Apr-2004

No voehan tuota harkitannii, jos vaekka moekkais. Tiällä niitä tosin olla rötväyttellöö aekasta monta. Voep mennä kotvasen aekoo löytäännä sulle sopiva.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Apr-2004

Hih hih!

--EG, 03-Apr-2004

Wasn't the term "single-serv friend", not fast-food friend? :) best regards tyler's split splean

--, 05-Apr-2004

Oh, whatever. These are blogs, not IMDB ;-).

Thanks for the correction, though :)

--JanneJalkanen, 05-Apr-2004

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