Why blogging is like karaoke

Spent the afternoon and evening doing hanami at Ueno park (with approximately 200,000 very drunken Japanese people) and watching the moon. Then we ended up singing karaoke at a 8-story Karaoke building in Shibuya with beautiful Russo-Finnish ladies. Yes, even I sang. There was little reason not to.

Japanese way of doing karaoke is actually not that bad: you go to a small room (alone or with a bunch of good friends), fire up a TV, choose a song from 50,000 alternatives, sing to your heart's content, drink beer, repeat. It's a way of self-expression and relaxation, not a method for nursing your inner diva.

It's kinda like blogging is for most people. You just write to yourself or a bunch of close friends, and don't worry it about any more than that. Only the most curious, the most vocal - and unfortunately, the most read - persons worry about how and why they write, what is "right" blogging, why people don't like their writing, why people do like their writing, and other issues of insignificance.

It's just a song.

It's just text.

Don't worry about it too much.


"It's just text.

Don't worry about it too much. "

Hear hear!

--, 05-Apr-2004

...the latest Spin magazine had a big article about Karaoke WC in Heinola, Finland. Something how pretty much nobody outside Europe would karaoke competitevily, and a place like Finland, of all places, would host such a competition. Sounds like your observation about japanese karaoke being more about fun w/ friends than stoking one's own ego...

peace out mb

--, 08-Apr-2004

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