Spam is getting really targeted

Got this a couple of moments ago, and it nearly was caught in my spam trap (I use a Bayesian-trained Spamassassin with Razor, if anyone cares. No false positives, and only about 1% missed spam rate):

"Do not ignore me please, I found your email soamewhere and now decided to write you. I am coming to your place in few weaeks and thought we can meet each other. Let me know if you do not mind. I am a nice pretty girl. aDon't reply to this email. Email me adireclty at"

...right. Darling, if your sender email address starts with "rvxcgyijw@", then you are more likely to be a bot than a real person. Now, I like tech porn as much as any geek, but sorry, spam bots just don't do it for me.

In the mean time, go relive some of the giggliest moments of your youth with the 50 worst video game titles 3v4h. (Thanks to Falla for the link.)


Ha, I've gotten this email at least three times already, and once this weekend. -- ChuckSmith

--ChuckSmith, 03-Jul-2006

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