Random teenage weirdosities

This is pretty hardcore kids' music: the Rammstein (or soundalike) version of Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil, found off Wannahaves (who don't provide a proper link, so I'm just linking to the stream.)

Some of you may remember an old Dutch TV series, from 198..2 or 3, where a crossing by seven roads and a guy with green hair played a big role. Well, it turns out that even the obscure TV series like that have their own web site. Listen to the title tune - it is eerily familiar...

Another good oldie were the Norwegian Brødrene Dal who traveled through time and space to hunt for professor Drøvels secrets, and later on, crystal stones. I loved this series, though the clips on the site referenced make me cringe.

It's funny how the net contains so much stuff that can ruin all your old fond memories of things.

(Big thanks to Biena!)


Hey, I remember that tv-series! Not much about what happened in it, but I remember watching it.

Around that time there was also a time travel series on Finnish TV, I think its name had also something to do with seven.

Thank you for reminding me!

--Pare, 03-Dec-2005

I really doubt that's Rammstein. At least it doesn't sound like Till Lindeman singing.

--hakkis, 03-Dec-2005

Pare: yup, that was the Dahl brothers that were running after the seven crystal stones.

--JanneJalkanen, 03-Dec-2005

Tämä on ihan pelkkä testi.

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Dec-2005

More testing...

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Dec-2005

Vielä testaan kerran.

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