I have been away all day from the computer I usually do my RSS aggregation with. I would have an another aggregator at home (I own and swap between several computers - no mixing of work and home data), but then I would need to go through the same blog entries again.

What we need is the ability to synchronize between multiple aggregators - and preferably in an aggregator-agnostic way.

I want to have nntp//rss in one computer, AmphetaDesk in another, something else on my laptop, and seamlessly have one blogroll, and synchronization between all these, so I don't have to see the same blog entries all over again.

I think OPML could work well; all you need to define is a "these blog entries have already been seen" -format. Hm. Since your RSS reader is probably connected to the web anyway... Then why not store this on a server somewhere. WebDav or just a simple servlet for GET/POST - or why not use XML-RPC or SOAP?


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