An absurd problem

The first kiss. When you see it coming, you sort of want to make it memorable. (Yeah, I'm a romantic. Sue me.) It's even worse, when the other person is equally romantic: you both want it to be just right.

So we circle around each other for hours, probing, thinking, wondering about the perfect moment, and how to realize it without breaking the fragile feelings you think you are sharing. Then, with common, wordless agreement, we take a long, romantic walk in the middle of the nightless night, go to this beautiful spot by the lake, laugh and take over a play field, play in the swings for the first time in ten years. Then, on a beautiful bridge we stop - and get immediately attacked by a huge swarm of mosquitos. So we swat them in vain and run away to stop in another beautiful place.

And again, the angry insects force us to leave an unvoluntary donation to the Breed More Mosquitos -fund and we escape barely with our lives.

Frustrated, we return indoors. The perfect moment seems to be gone forever.

We gaze at each other, uncertainly and apprehensively. I can feel her thoughts: she's thinking the same thing as me, but neither knows how (dares?) to go on. Then a spark of something flies across the room.

"Oh bugger, let's just do it", we say in unison and laugh out our surprise.

And then the moment is just perfect.


Happyyyyyy! Good for you.

(And BTW, you don't make the detective work exactly hard ;-)

--Henri, 04-Jul-2004

Tässähän melkein löytää romantikon itsestään. Hienoa!

--Marjut, 04-Jul-2004

Detective work? :-D

--JanneJalkanen, 04-Jul-2004

Hey, nice!

And yeah, the first kiss is very important.

--Pare, 04-Jul-2004

Hey, if you fall in love and stop working on the jspwiki we'll all feel unloved!! Ha! -- Scott

--Scott, 12-Jul-2004

Ha! Don't worry - I've coded more stuff for JSPWiki thank I've done in a long while. Love brings energy, depression taketh it away.

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Jul-2004

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