Go, go, go!

Spent the last 20 hours playing go, talking to good friends, drinking good beer and excellent single-malt scotch whiskeys. Then some sleep, and more go. And not even a hangover.

I wonder what will be life's inevitable backlash.

(For any Finns near Helsinki: Pikkulintu in Puotila Mall is an excellent place to pursue your elitist desires, if you like beer or malt whiskeys. They have 100+ different kinds of Scotch over there...)


Pikkulintu is an excellent pub for a malt enthusiast like myself. Just moved to Helsinkin and Puotila. I live 50 meters from Pikkulintu and I have to say that It is by far the best local pub I've ever lived next to. Probably one of the best pubs I've been to :)

--Riussi, 04-Sep-2004

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