Lazy Sunday afternoon

Lazy, indeed. Can't seem to be able to get much done - I am exhausted after last week's dose of workaholicness.

I did manage to actually buy the tickets to Japan yesterday though, so I'm definitely going now. Apparently we'll be spending the two first days in Kyoto, and then the rest in Tokyo. Now we'll just need to figure out a place to stay in Kyoto; Tokyo is already ok. I would really, really like to try a traditional Japanese ryōkan, but the budget might be out of my league (40,000¥/night is a bit too much :-).

Other than dreaming about a hot furō -bathtub (with a view), I've cooked, cleaned and in general done everything except the things that I am supposed to do. Like patching a kiloton of bugs in JSPWiki. I'm a bit too tired to think analytically right now...

You know, being an open source developer is not easy. Once you release your code to the public, it becomes apparent that the better your program is, the more you have to work for it. A good program is needed and used by many, and all those people want to pull you into different directions... If I were a writer, once a book is finished, I could just drop it and move to the next one, but with software there is no closure. There's always a little thing that can be tweaked, or a feature to be added, or a bug to be fixed.

I wonder if I should start having release parties, like the big software houses do?


Hey, you have an idea there. If there's a way to do it legally, I could try to talk up some sponsorship. ;)

--ebu, 05-Oct-2003

Now that I examine the idea in daylight as well... Yeah, it might actually be a good idea.

You know what they say: "Any excuse to party..."

--JanneJalkanen, 06-Oct-2003

Well I guess you must have worked out your Kyoto stay by now. Yes 40,000円 is a bit much, even by local standards.

Two days there should be enough, but warning, it is rather spread out. Some time about a thousand years ago, to keep meddling priests out of politics, temples were forcebly moved out of the Kyoto city area, thus most of the Kyoto places-to-see are all spread out on the outskirts of the city. I recommend going to Nara, about an hour (I guess, can't remember exactly, it's been a while), out of Kyoto on the train, and you can see everything worth seeing, in the one area, in an afternoon or morning. There is a daibutsu (big buddha) and a national museum amongst other things. Watch out for the deer, they will insist on being fed if you remain in their vicinity :)

Of course you don't want to miss the main sights in Kyoto, e.g. Kinkakuji, so may be you'll not have the time with only two days all up.

--MurrayG, 13-Oct-2003

Thanks for the tips =). We found a nice, relatively cheap ryokan in the relative vicinity of Kyoto center. Back to Tokyo on Tuesday.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Oct-2003

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