Spam in Jaiku

There's an old saying from a smart man (and I seem to recall it was Matt Jones): "Social Software is the kind of software which can be spammed."

So, I wasn't exactly surprised to start finding spam comments on my Jaiku account. "Buy Phentermine", it says, and it's from a Jaiku account named "buyphentermine". And I'm pretty sure it's not the only one.

I suppose this is a good indication that Jaiku is growing: it's important enough to get spammers joining. Let's see how they do in this inevitable onslaught of vermins.

The good thing is that I can delete the comment myself. However, if this becomes common, I - and others - probably won't bother...


Seen spam also in delicious, but not yet in Flickr.

--Suviko, 06-May-2007

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