Phantom time

Another odd thought that occurred to me yesterday:

Phantom time
The short period of time that occurs when you're almost late from an appointment, but your clock is not on time. During phantom time you don't know whether you're late or not; you might have time, or you might already be late. It's kinda like a lease that can suddenly be unilaterally terminated, but not by you.

Dunno... I often catch myself in these phantom moments.


Maybe you're just an optimist? I always know I'm late, wheather it's true or not

--Milla, 06-Aug-2003

Then there is the time that you can be late and still not be considered a complete failure, usually 3-10 minutes...

--J-Ko, 06-Aug-2003

Yeah, and sometimes the other person is late too, so he'll never know that you were late...

It's all phantom-time :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 06-Aug-2003

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