Watching, not doing

Pirkka raises a good point, trying to define Web 2.0. Part of the attraction of Web 2.0 is the fact that you are aware that you could do all this cool stuff in Flickr, Youtube, etc, but you don't have to.

Chris Heathcote calls this marthastewartization, though he only refers to people watching TV programs about other people making things, instead of doing things.

Is Web 2.0 just marthastewardized version of Web 1.0, where prosumers rule and the consumers still stay consumers, they just think they're involved in the Web 2.0?


I feel that this marthastewartization is even stronger in the net.

Knowing for example the background of Wikipedia makes the actual use of it some how much more vibrant.

Even though you're just browsing Wikipedia, it makes you feel like you're in the middle of the change in which you could participate with just some clicks.

Marthastewarting in real life would take much more effort than that.

--Pirkka, 06-Oct-2006

boolean Funny = (net != real life);

--Iribite, 06-Oct-2006

That's a very good observation and in accordance to the one percent rule

(What is the 1% rule? Guardian 20.7.),,1823959,00.html

You asked if the rest of the users are just "thinking that they're involved" in the web2.0 kind of world - I don't think the mainstream users think anything of the sort. They are receiving funny links via email and maybe forwarding them, but surely they don't think they committed a peer recommendation there. They may be are buying stuff in an online auction website and selling some of theirs, but they may still not think they're taking part in anything special. And even a simple act of making a search contributes, as the most searched keywords are carefully monitored... it's just how the world works now, for most people, I'd say. Sometimes we do stop and think alongthe lines that - "imagine what if was like before ... never want to go back there".

--Tuija, 07-Oct-2006

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