This time, I'm pissed off

Ok, answer me this: What kind of a dim-witted fuck one has to be to rewrite the soundtrack of "Animal House"? Get rid of all the cool 60's music and replace them with completely meaningless, forgettable, and BAD 80s rock music? Who could forget the "Wonderful World" playing in the background of the cafeteria scene? Apparently the mush-for-brains who thought it would be cool to create some "new music" for it, so that "it becomes better".

Let me give you a free hint (if you're reading this, you smelly rodent): Old movies don't become better if you change them. Movies are not about the mechanic combination of moving pictures, dialogue and soundtrack; their meaning is created within the people, as an aggregate of memories, moods, people you were with, feelings that you felt, and other soft things like those. You don't retroactively mess with them.

Also, the people who think that E.T. becomes better by replacing the guns with walkie-talkies, or the word "terrorist" with the word "hippie", please do shove your head up your neighbour's ass and suffocate painfully. Your neighbour might even like it.

Angry now. Bloody fucking angry.

(For Finns: Don't buy the DVD that's currently on sale in many places (at least Stockmann's). Unless you wanna ruin your memories.)


hi. i'm looking for other finnish bloggers. yours is the first i stumbled across that wasn't in finnish! i'm writing from philadelphia, pa, usa and i'm planning a trip to finland next summer. and i figure bloggers are the best place to get a 'real' vibe for the place and what to do when i'm there. if you have any other links, please email me! thanks!, 08-Aug-2004

Well, there's a near-comprehensive list of Finns who blog in English (or at least 50% in English) at I suggest you skim that through :)

Welcome to Finland!

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Aug-2004

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