Wake up early, go to Tampere, get back in time just to attend another meeting... I really need to learn how to do power napping.

Anyway, a couple of quick links for your perusal:

  • Peter Jenner, former manager of bands such as Pink Floyd, says that music will be available under a blanket license in the future and that DRM is already dead. Ranty interview, but interesting. (Via)
  • Piracy stats by music industry make no sense, says the Australian Institute of Criminology, and continue calling them a "self-serving hyperbole", "epistemologically unreliable," and "absurd." (via)
  • Canada is considering mandatory DRM on all music sold online?
  • Tuija has had an idea. Interesting. Must think about this.
  • Travian is still very addictive.
  • Alexandra says: "I don't have to lie anymore, I have Jaiku". Good point. How much freedom do we lose, if we lose the ability to tell white lies about where we are and who we are with?


Is it me or does Travian look like an online version of Siedler von Catan?

--Chuck Smith, 08-Nov-2006

It looks like it yes, but that is surface only. Travian, especially at a later stage, seems to become about alliances fighting globe-spanning wars.

--JanneJalkanen, 08-Nov-2006

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