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I would be Flickring lots of pictures, but unfortunately neither Cingular nor Cingular (yes, there are two networks by the exact same name - how smart is that?) let me upload anything. Could be that ten thousand geeks in a single place is overheating their GPRS network; could be some strange roaming thing.

Also, Wifi only works very intermittently, and when it does, it's slow.

I'm not very impressed. Las Vegas is optimized for spending money, not communication.

(Nearly lost my laptop in Seattle: the security guy ran the line so fast that all the boxes collided and my laptop flew. In an amazing and unlikely feat of dexterity, I managed to grab it by the corner just a few inches above the ground. Then I went in, congratulating myself on the great save, only to find out that I had to go back out because there was no transfer desk. That was fun.)


Crap. Mä olen tulossa sinnepäin kolmen tunnin kuluttua ja olen koko ajan luottanut siihen, että kyllä sieltä oikeasti löytää kunnollisen laajakaistayhteyden. Kun tuota materiaalia tulee olemaan - ja REILUSTI, mitä pitäisi lähettää yli atlannin.

Eikö siellä olla vielä 2000-luvulla?

--Visukinttu-Jarkko, 08-Jan-2007

Dude! Great to hear that you guys are about to enter the show. Good to have a Finn or two there reporting :-D It is really interesting to hear, what's goin' on and what you have been able to get into your hope you get your gear working. Take care!

--Hessu, 08-Jan-2007

Well, I'm an exhibitor, so I don't have that much time to be running around. Find me at the NFC Forum booth every morning!

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Jan-2007

Oh..I see. That exhibitor stuff is some serious work. Done that, been there...well not exactly THERE but almost everywhere. :-)

--Hessu, 12-Jan-2007

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