Fame - I'm gonna live forever...

I got introduced to a new person on Saturday. Ok, so he's a cool sci-fi geek, and I'm a...

"This is the guy who does strange things and puts them on the internet."

I was kinda surprised. I knew the introducer from several years back, and we had had a lot more encounters in Ropecon and other completely non-web related thingies. I wasn't quite sure if she read my blog at all until now. So I asked why she would introduce me as a blogger, not as a gamer.

"Because that's what you're famous for", she replied.

Ok. Scared now.


Interesting. I would have classified you as a sci-fi geek - but then again that's how I met you ;)

--Milla, 08-Mar-2004

Wait, you mean you're not mainly a go player? :)

--MichaelGoetze, 08-Mar-2004

This is my friend Janne, he's an alpha geek.....

Could be worse, since I have children, I get introduced all the time as "...'s father" :-)

--Foster, 08-Mar-2004

Well, I have also been introduced to people as "go tutor"... It seems that I am many things that I don't know about.

Not that I really care. Just thought the discussion was somewhat funny - I've spent thousands of hours roleplaying to become a better GM, coded hundreds of thousands of lines to be a better programmer, played hundreds of games to become a better go player, and what do people know me for? Minced hamburger. Yah :)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Mar-2004

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