JSPWiki development update

Yesterday, I spent most of the evening watching Eyes Wide Shut, which frankly was a disappointment. I was somehow expecting a tighter drama, thanks to the hype a few years back.

Simultaneously, I was coding something cool for JSPWiki [1]: We now have a partly functional MetaWeblogAPI. It's not in the CVS yet, but should probably arrive later this week when I clean it up a bit and add some safety checks. Why am I doing that instead of importing the JSPWiki:JSPWikiAccessControl? Because a) it's cool to work on this code, and I sometimes need to work on cool stuff, and b) I have something else that is cool up my sleeve, which I am not yet telling you about :-).

Of course, the MetaWeblogAPI does require functional user authentication to work in a satisfying manner... So this is a good time to bring that in and see how we can tie those together nicely.

[#1] I tend to do this occasionally. When you have the image of the program you're after clear in your mind, coding it becomes nearly an automated process. Other people can knit while watching TV... I write code :-).


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