Internet TV - but only if you risk it

A major Finnish TV channel: MTV3 has launched a new "Netti-TV" service, which "allows you to watch the programs whenever you want".

Nope. Apparently, I'm not a part of the "you". (And neither are others)

You see, they require Windows Media Player 9+, Internet Explorer, and Windows. I can understand the requirement for WMP (you gotta choose a codec), but IE? The buggiest and shittiest of all the current browsers? The official answer is "everybody uses Windows and IE, therefore we only support Windows and IE". Hell, I have IE and WMP 9 installed on my Mac. I have WMV codecs on my Linux box. Why am I excluded?

This is just so completely stupid. In this day and age, there is NO reason whatsoever to make a web site that is IE only. There are three possible explanations to this, none of them actually too flattering to MTV3:

  1. There is a secret deal between MS and MTV3 that alternative operating systems may not be supported (unlikely, but fun theory)
  2. A bunch of sorry, no-good, lazy, crappy coders working for a shady garage firm somewhere have managed to convince a completely clueless management that this is the only way. Any coder worth his paycheck should be able to produce standards-compliant web pages and streamed video. (likely)
  3. A designer created something that the coders found impossible to implement in a given schedule, except via resorting to hacks. They were too spineless to suggest another alternative, or were overruled by a clueless management. (happens all the time)

Come on - it's just a simple web site that contains program listings and then you click on them to get streamed video. IT'S NOT REALLY THAT HARD TO DO RIGHT!

OK, so the majority uses still Windows and IE. Fine. But does it not mean a shit to anyone that the most prominent and technically savvy people who actually do know what they're doing are switching en masse? And it's not only a geek thing: twenty per cent (20%) of the people reading this weblog are already using Firefox. And there are people switching who actually do matter. Even some people within Microsoft don't use IE. The geeks are not using IE because they know better. Others are using it because Firefox is just so nice. Nobody wants their machines to be infested with spyware and other crap.

And frankly, no web site I've ever seen that required the use of IE and Windows was really any good. Cluelessness shows.




--Antti, 08-Sep-2004

I suspect number 2 except that I think, no wait, I Know there is a "respectable" company behind this mess.

--names have been changed to protect the innocent, 08-Sep-2004

What strikes me as extremely stupid is the fact that this service is clearly aimed at "early adapters". These are of course the same "early adapters" who were the first to abandon IE, oh, 5 minutes after it was first introduced.

--J-Ko, 09-Sep-2004

Exactly. And, especially looking at the blogosphere and the influential people in the internet and media, a surprising number of them actually do own Apple or Linux computers.

BTW, according to IDG, Apple had nearly 8% of the US laptop market, and 28% of education market in early 2004, even though their overall market share is closer to 3%. That's no longer a small amount of computers.

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Sep-2004

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