Question... long do you think it's going to take the news media to find the people who've joined the Jokela highschool shooting sympathizers group on Facebook, and crucify their asses in public? Assuming they are real people, of course.

Because, you see, there are assholes in this world who think that this shooting was a good thing. Like these morons. Yeah, I know, they can say whatever they want - freedom of speech and all that. But then again, I get to call their opinions utterly shitheaded. So we're even.

It's also amazing how people have managed to already find their soapboxes and tell everyone that this was the fault of the government, the Democratic party, the National Coalition party, the Green party, heavy metal music, tv, videogames, USA, the Nazis, the parents, the school system, the internet, the media, bullies at school, lack of funding to public healthcare, too much public healthcare, and whatever happens to be your pet peeve.

This is the time to grieve and comfort and ground yourselves. It is not the time to scream vengeance, find a scapegoat, or give into mob justice. And most of all, it's not the time to try to advance fuck-faced agendas with scare tactics. We know all the end result when that happens.


I saw the group in Facebook. I bet that those youg Finnish girls that joined the group did not know what it was about. I bet they thought that it was a place where they could show others that they are sympathising the victims and their families.

If your friend joined the group youre are poised to join too. And Finns really do not understand English that well.

FB, what a BS.

--AnonymousCoward - yep, you've got it!, 09-Nov-2007

I reckon you're right. But it really makes no difference - no matter what their motivation is, they'll probably get shit for doing so.

I mean, I hear that people with the same surname have been getting death threats in Jokela, even if they had nothing to do with the shooting!

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Nov-2007

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