Instead of actually blogging after a visit to the barber's shop - I'm actually doing it live from the barber's chair. Hooray for broadband internet availability :-).

Update: I think I'm getting stripes. :)

Update2: "You still have a naturally dark hair." "What - what do you mean: 'still'?"

Update3: Some of the fumes here are... interesting. Delightful? Hihihihehehehe...

Update4: "Would you like some thinner?" "No thanks, a beer is fine." And I also have tinfoil in my glasses.

Update5: "Oops"

Update6: "What do you get if you combine yellow with blue?" "Green?" "Right."

Update7: Spent 10 minutes head upside down in the shower. Very uncomfortable.

Update8: Well, that was certainly the most fun haircut ever - and it even continued the next day, because there was not enough time to do everything... So, here I am, in the terrible time between inebriation and hangover, getting the final clips in order. :)


You geek you.

--Milla, 09-Jan-2004

Where's the picture? I want a picture.

--Janka, 09-Jan-2004

I was going to say that I want a picture, but Janka said it first. Thank you, Janka.

--Pare, 09-Jan-2004

You're very welcome. Still, no picture. Waaah.

--, 10-Jan-2004

Stupid thing doesn't remember me even though I asked it to.

--Janka, 10-Jan-2004

Remembering relies on cookies - that could be a problem. Or it could be broken somehow else.

Sorry guys: no pics and no autographs :). I would need someone else to snap the photographs. And the result turned out to be blue in the end. Luckily. Phew.

--JanneJalkanen, 11-Jan-2004

Drag yourself to our place and we'll take all the photos you want.

The people demand it. You shall give the people what the people demand.

--Henri, 13-Jan-2004

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