A time warp?

Hey! I am absolutely certain I blogged something yesterday. But I can't remember what I wrote, and the entry seems to be, well, non-existent. So I have to conclude that I did not write yesterday at all, even though my fragile memory tells me otherwise :-/.

Anyhoo, I am completely stuck at the JSPWiki authorization implementation. There are plenty of very small, tiny details that seem to grow out of proportion once you touch them - everything influences something else, and you can't touch a single piece of code without something else breaking. Ugh. It really is like a big bowl of spaghetti; and this is the first time I've ever realized where that term truly comes from.

I guess it's just the development phase - I work on one thing, then I realize that this does not work, work on something else, come back a bit later... It's not a very structured approach, I grant you that, but since most of my original ideas for the code tend to fall apart when I start poking the stick at them, I kinda just have to keep all of the code in my head and juggle it around in there.

Pfft. I had to do something different yesterday, and implemented a bunch of code that a) refactors a lot of the main JSP pages, and b) adds search highlights. You just sometimes have to do something fun, or else your brain implodes.


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